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Each MetaSensor comes with open source APIs, example code, and free Windows, iOS and Android Apps. Send commands to the sensors and retrieve data quickly and easily.


Logging App


Streaming App


Developer App

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Develop your own App or use our MetaApps:


This troubleshooting App can turn on LEDs, stream accelerometer data, buzz a coin vibration motor, update firmware and much more.

PLATFORM Windows iOS, macOS, tvOS Android
MetaWear App Not Available Download Download


This streaming and logging App can connect to multiple MetaSensors and send raw sensor data live Bluetooth link or store the data in the sensor memory to be retrieved later.

PLATFORM Windows iOS, macOS, tvOS Android
MetaBase App Download Download Download

Develop your own App!

Use our APIs to develop your own Application.

Our APIs are well documented and you can get started on the developer page. Do everything from connect to a board to set up complex chains of commands such as “turn on LED red” when “phone rings”.

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