Streaming issues due to magnetic interference


We're currently working with 4 MMR sensors (only acc + gyro at 100Hz) streaming either through the MetaBase app and the pi.

After multiple tests in and out of lab, it seems to be that the magnetic interference from the surrounding environment that the lab is located in, the sensors disconnect continuously resulting in large packet losses (sometimes up to 150 samples at a time), both through the app and pi system*. We were wondering if you had any recommendations for addressing Bluetooth connectivity issues caused by magnetic interferences.

*each sensor was connected to its own separate dongle when testing with the pi and the sensors are always only 2-3 feet away from the pi. We also tried setting the AD strength to the max (4 dB). Also, we can't do logging since we'll be processing the data in quasi-real time.

Thank you!


    • Use our APIs and up the antenna strength to 4db.
    • Use better dongles.
    • Use the Javascript lib (better than Python).
    • Remove any interfering devices if you can.
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