MTR data showing different date

I collected data using MTR on 19/01/2021 from morning 7:15am to 10:15am.
The excel sheet i downloaded from the metabase app shows the data for 23/01/2021. The data in the excel sheet doesnt make any sense at all. Can you please advise?


  • Is your metabase app on a different timezone? Check the time of the metabase App when you download the data.

  • No it is not in a different timezone. Its showing a difference of 4 days. I collected data on 19th. How is it possible?

  • Did you wait a long time to download the data?

  • No i downloaded it immediately after collecting the data

  • Hi,
    could you please look into my issue and let me know

  • I am currently looking into it but not able to reproduce so far.

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