Increase battery capacity while stay thin, coin cell in parallel ?


I would like to know if a parallel setup can be made for two coin cell battery (CR2016) in order to stay really thin ...



  • @alanhortz If you can wire two CR2016 in parallel that would work well as a power source.  Both batteries should be fresh when installed, because lithium coin cells do not tolerate reverse current well -- which the weaker of the two would receive if imbalanced.
  • Hi,

    Any feedback about those thin film rechargeable battery ?


  • @alanhortz

    Interesting technology.

    It would not work off the shelf with MetaWear because there is no protection circuit, battery charge current is a little low, and maximum discharge current is a little underrated.  MetaWear needs to be able to burst around 15-20mA for the radio.

    With their additional circuitry it might work together, it seems they are using a supercap to help with burst current.

    Also consider that the capacity is 700uAh which is about 150x less than our standard battery, so it will not last very long.


  • @matt

    Thanks for the answer, it helps a lot !

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