Time stamping is discontinuous and doubles back

I am just starting to use a MetaTracker with the the supplied apps for iOS. I was logged the accel @ 12.Hz  for 40 minutes or so.  One of the log files i download has a timestamp that double back on itself.  At roughly midway the time stamping loses 23 minutes and starts counting again.  The data from the accel  looks as expected when plotted again row number, but not when plotted again the timestamp. 
Is this a know bug?


  • jaf,

    Please send us more information including answers to these questions and data snapshots:

    • Which iPhone?
    • Which iOS version?
    • Which firmware version on your Metatracker (update if you havent yet)?
    • Is this repeatable on the same MetaTracker? Does it failed every time or was this a one time thing?
    • Is this repeatable on other MetaTrackers? Do other devices fail the same way?
    Please send snapshots of your configuration and data.


  • Hi Laura,
    It is a iPhone 6 running 10.3.3.  The I just got the MetaTrackers today, so i assume the firmware is up to date.  I can check tomorrow. I am running another evaluation night, so i can see what the logs look like tomorrow.
    I have 2 logs from different tracker that have this issue. 

  • edited July 2017

    You should still publish the firmware version and troubleshoot with the MetaWear App: www.mbientlab.com/troubleshooting.

    Then you should use the latest MetaBase App to get the accel data.
    Please publish snapshots of your MetaBase setup to ensure it is correct and send some sample data.

    So basically you still have to answer my last 3 questions in my initial response.
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