MetaTracker App for iOS Now Available!

I've made our latest MbientLab sample app, MetaTracker, available for download on GitHub. We will be uploading it to the Apple App Store as well, but that will take another week or two, depending on the app review process.

MetaTracker is a polished and streamlined activity tracker created on the MetaWear platform. In it's most basic form, it emulates the functionality of a FitBit or Jawbone fitness app.

From a technical perspective, it demonstrates use of several advanced functionalities in the platform including accelerometer data, data logging, data processing, iOS API, and more.

I encourage everyone to check it out and see how they can turn their MetaWear into an activity tracker with little to minimal effort!


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    Hi, very nice app.
    Any chance to see same app, or same functionality, for android?

  • All the functionality will be available in the android api if it isn't already there. However, we plan to publish different sample apps on android.

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