Battery replacement

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I am looking to change the battery in the MetaMotion R sensors, and noticed that some are glued on, while others look like they may have been soldered. Are either of these processes necessary for inserting new batteries? Also, will taking out the old batteries ruin any of the hardware on the sensor? 

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    There is a spot of hot glue between the board and the battery. You can gently separate them but be careful not to damage the battery. I recommend using tweezer and a gentle motion.

    The battery is soldered to the board in the upper right corner in order for the + and - leads to connect and power the cpu. Just gently remove them using a soldering iron. You will need to helping hands of an able technician to do this.

    You can then solder the + and - connections of the new battery.


    You should do this ONLY if you new battery has a PCM attached. 

    Always consult a professional if you are not comfortable with this process.
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