Anyone having any luck with android implementations?

Hi I'm a Kickstarter supporter and I'm just getting started with my project. 

I am an Android developer with experience writing code that integrates peripherals using BLE among other things.

I've got a pretty good idea of exactly what I want to accomplish and I'm curious if anyone in this community has had much luck creating any Android apps that communicate with this device. From my preliminary reads through the forum it seems that there are several issues with the android SDK and android integration in general. Has this been your experience?

My initial review of the sample app and how it integrates with the device has been pretty frustrating as well.

I'm primarily interested in Accelerometer interactions and reading data related to sports movement of a specific kind. 

I look forward to collaborating with you guys and gals and contributing to the community in order to get my project going.

Please tell me your experience. I'll certainly share mine as I dig in.



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    The Android SDK is easy to use and completely open source so if you see or have any limitations you can simply add your own code to make it better!
    We encourage you to use it and help us make the Android API code better by adding code to it or giving us feedback.
  • Thanks Laura! I plan on it. 

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    I've got a couple of sample apps compiling and running with android studio.  it's pretty easy to use and the API update last night was super handy.
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