App (v2.4) and API updates [2015-01-25]

Version 2.4 of the app has been updated to accommodate accelerometer changes made in firmware v0.9.0, adds panels showcasing the temperature and event modules, and fixes several bugs in the app.  Full release notes and a direct download of the signed APK are on the GitHub page (  The update will be live on the Google Play page in a few hours.

A checkpoint for API v1.4 has been released on GitHub (commit c5a85de8).  The commit adds support for the Timer module, expands the LoggingTrigger enum to include temperature, and XY and YZ accelerometer axes, and fixes a corner case in the code added for multiple MW support.


  • Thanks! 

    Great update. Elevates the android app by a lot [android support had been falling quite far behind iOS support].

    Keep up the good work.

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