Raw data vs. g units from accelerometer

I am new to this hardware and mnientlab so let me apologize in advance if this question has been answered. I did not find it in the discussion posting or documentation.
Accelerometer data is being exported as CSV and x,y,z values are in g-s. Does anyone know if there is any documentation regarding that conversion from raw data to g-units? Are there any filters being applied? I like to have raw values from the device and/or at least see the documentation on the conversion.

Thank you for your help,

p.s. Love the units and how simple it is to put them to work!


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    The unit are 'g's. The data you get is raw.

    When you get x=.453, it means .453 g's have been measured in the x axis at time t.

    A single G-force for us here on planet Earth is equivalent to 9.8 m/s^2
    So if you want to go from 'g's to m/s^2 you can simply do the math. And that's about it...

    It is completely raw, no filters are applied unless you want them to be (use the APIs for this functionality).

    You can see the bmi160 datasheet here: https://www.bosch-sensortec.com/bst/products/all_products/bmi160

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