MMR/MMC limit for metabase app

Is the limit of 3 MMR/MMC sensors for the metabase app for streaming, for logging, or for both?


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    on Android and iPhones, there is a limit of around 3 (again this is not because of us, this is a limitation of Android and iOS).
    On Windows, you can do up to 6 but usually its only stable with up to 4 (also only 1 dongle is allowed, AGAIN this has nothing to do with us, it's a limitation of Windows).
    Finally, there are no limitations on Linux! So if you want to connect many sensors (20+), use a Linux based system, add dongles...see our Metahub on this.

  • So if logging is initiated for a device from MetaBase and subsequently disconnected to start logging on a 4th device, logging will stop on the disconnected device? Can’t reconnect later to stop & download data?

  • No, logging has no limits at all.

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