Stuck in download mode / can't open a new session.

So iam using the metasensors for a research on motor control impairment and noticed that all my metasensors are stuck on 'download' with a red dot next to it. After hitting download over 10 times it doesn't seem to be possible to create a 'new session'. Upgraded firmware etc. rebooted my Phone (android) but nothing seems to help. Problem started after 2 sessions of 2 minutes.
Please help :)


  • HI @MasterP,
    You need to reset the sensor itself, here are a few ways to do it:

  • Still doesn't work. Got 4 sensors with only one actually logging data.. The other 3 sensors are still with a red dot next to it which i can't get rid off and unable to download it after hitting the download.
    In addition all my previous logged files are all gone.
    Fix this please.

  • You need to reset each sensors and also delete the App and re-install it. The MetaBase App might have cached the state of the sensors.
    Please follow the troubleshooting steps, update firmware, and then just try it with a single sensor and let us know how it goes (keep it simple).

  • Still keeps crashing. I think you need to work on your software for windows and android. Apple devices don't seem to have these kind of crashed and also have more options.

  • Doesn't crash for me or other users tho...

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