Getting Started Help merging new library into SampleApp

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I'm very excited by the new library changes (setting the ad packet) However, I'm just getting started with MBient. I was able to compile and tweak the sample app no problem so I was confident I was in good shape. Unfortunately, the new changes were made only to the library repo, not the SampleApp repos so I'm left hanging (just updating the library is useless if you don't have an app ready to go)

I assume the best thing to do is download the new library and merge it into the sample app. If so, could someone offer some tips on how to do it?  I assume this is fairly straightforward: just replacing the old library and updating a header file but these things never *are* as simple as they should be.

If it really is simple, thank you kind person in advance for your patience.



  • Thanks for mentioning this.  I recently added the MetaTracker demo for Android and forgot to update to the latest version.

    Other than the multiple device demo that also needs to be converted to Android Studio,  the MetaTracker version has been updated and I have pull requests in for the SosTrigger and main Android demo application.  For all of them is was just a matter of updating to the latest version of the API in the gradle file.  I'll let Eric speak about adding demos that use some of the new features etc..

    Let us know if you have any problems etc..
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