Data Processor

As mentioned in the Data Route page, the data processor can perform simple calcutaions on the data before passing it to the user. Adding and configuring processors is handled with the RouteBuilder api and the IDataProcessor interface is used to interact with the processors that were tagged with the Name component.

using MbientLab.MetaWear.Core;

IDataProcessor dataproc = metawear.GetModule<IDataProcessor>();

Modifying Processors

Some processors have parameters that can be modified after they are created. Call Edit using the same string passed into the Name component and the type of editor to return. Make sure the editor class is appropriate for the desired processor.

Processor Editor Editable Parameters
Accumulate IAccumulatorEditor Accumulated sum
Average IAverageEditor Sample size, reset running avg
Comparison IComparatorEditor Comparison operation, reference values
Counter ICounterEditor Accumulated count
Differential IDifferentialEditor Minimum distance
Map IMapEditor Right hand value for 2 op functions
Passthrough IPassthroughEditor Passthrough type and value
Pulse IPulseEditor Threshold and min sample size
Threshold IThresholdEditor Boundary and hysteresis
Time ITimeEditor Period
using MbientLab.MetaWear.Core.DataProcessor;

// assume route built with
// .Count().Name("counter")

// reset internal count

Internal State

Some processors have an internal state, represented as a forced data producer. These state data producers are retrieved with the State method using the same string passed into the Name component.

Processor Description
Accumulate Current accumulated sum
Buffer Last received input
Counter Current accumulated count
Passthrough Value parameter
// assume route built with
// .Buffer().Name("buffer")

// access the buffer state
IForcedDataProducer producer = dataproc.State("buffer")