Project Setup

The C# SDK is distributed on NuGet and can be installed via the Package Manager Console in VS2017

PM> Install-Package MetaWear.CSharp

Or with the .NET Core cli.

dotnet add package MetaWear.CSharp

You can also manually add a PackageReference tag to your *.csproj file

    <PackageReference Include="MetaWear.CSharp" Version="[1.1, 2.0)" />


Because the SDK is platform agnostic, developers will need to plugin platform specific BLE and file I/O code by implementing the interfaces defined in the MetaWear.Impl.Platform namespace.

using MbientLab.MetaWear.Impl.Platform;

class MyBluetoothLeGatt : IBluetoothLeGatt {
    // Implementation here

class MyIO : ILibraryIO {
    // Implementation here

When you have implemented the required interfaces, pass instances of those classes into the MetaWearBoard constructor.

using MbientLab.MetaWear;
using MbientLab.MetaWear.Impl;

IMetaWearBoard metawear = new MetaWearBoard(new MyBluetoothLeGatt(), new MyIO());

MbientLab has provided Windows 10 and .NET Standard 2.0 implementations of the aforementioned interfaces in the MetaWear.CSharp.Win10 and MetaWear.CSharp.NetStandard packages respectively. See their GitHub pages (Win10, NET Standard ) for specifics on using those plugins.