MBLHygrometerBME280 Class Reference

Inherits from MBLHygrometer : MBLModule : NSObject
Declared in MBLHygrometerBME280.h


Interface to a BME280 humidity sensor


Use this to set humidity sampling mode, higher values produce more accurate results but will use more power.

@property (nonatomic) MBLHygrometerBME280Oversample humidityOversampling

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Data representing the relative humidity of the environment. Event callbacks will be provided an MBLNumericData object whose double value will be percent relative humidity [0.0-100.0].

@property (nonatomic, readonly) MBLEvent<MBLNumericData*> *periodicHumidity


@waring Period of event will depend on standbyTime from the MBLBarometerBMP280. TODO: Remove this coupling

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