For Professionals

Measure Limb Range Of Motion

For physiotherapists, occupational medicine specialists, doctors, and clinicians.

Measure angles (goniometer) with our:

  • Knee or Elbow Kit
  • Ankle and Foot Kit
  • Spine and Trunk Kit

Applications include physical therapy, kinematics, rehabilitation, outcome measures, and bio-mechanics.

For Research

Continuous Raw Data Aggregation

For researchers to calculate body positions and understand external factors.

Record or stream motion and weather sensor data:

  • Clip-On + Adhesive Kit
  • WristBand Sensor Kit
  • Mountable Sensor Kit

Applications include clinical trials, studies, biomechanics, kinemics, and ergonomics.

For Developers

Build Your Own Application

For companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators to sense motion and environmental factors.

Wireless development boards to develop your own App:

  • MetaMotionR Development Board
  • MetaMotionC Development Board

Applications include prototyping, adding sensors to your product, or new product development.

How it Works

Get data in seconds with no human bias for effective clinical studies and therapy.

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OEM & Licensing Solutions

Reduce risk and time to market for your own application.

Partnership Programs

We provide best-in-class custom solutions for diverse applications.

Empowering Nobel Laureates

Learn about how UCSF used our Sensors to reduce post-op recovery times:

Novel positioning sensor with real-time feedback for improved postoperative positioning: pilot study in control subjects.

Our Clients

Top companies, academics, scientists and engineers already use our Sensor platform:

Need a turnkey solution?

Our expert team designs, develops, prototypes, and manufactures custom sensor products and Apps.

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