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MetaHealth Sensors


Add biometric sensing to your project or product with this high precision sensor.

The galvanic skin response sensor (GSR) measures the electrical conductance of the skin. It acts as an indicator of psychological or physiological arousal. The heart-rate sensor (PPG - Photoplethysmogram) is a high performance and low power CMOS-based optical sensor integrated with a green LED and digital signal processor serving as a heart rate detection sensor. It is based on optical technology which measures the variation blood in vessels.

The MetaHealth series sensors comes in an ultra light round form factor.

The board is controllable using your Smartphone. Use the MetaBase App to get started, connect to your sensor, stream or download sensor data from memory.

Use the MetaHealth sensor for your next clinical trial or use it to keep your workforce healthy and happy. Turn the MetaHealth into a lie detector or to detect the BPM of your subject.

MetaHealth DataSheet

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Best suited for:
Health & Fitness
Clinical & Medical

Battery powered
Bluetooth Low Energy
ARM Cortex CPU
Flash memory
PPG + GSR sensor
FCC/CE/IC certified

Miniature and lightweight
Round: 26mm dia x 3mm