Project Setup

Before you begin coding your app, you will need to add the MetaWear API to your project. If you are new to Xcode and not familiar with CocoaPods we have povided an app template that has taken care of all the steps outlined on this page.

Compile Dependency

To add the MetaWear SDK as a dependency to your project you should setup CocoaPods, and add the following line to your Podfile:

# The subspecs are all optional, but might be useful
pod "MetaWear", :subspecs => ['UI', 'AsyncUtils', 'Mocks', 'DFU']

Then run:

pod install

Finding Your Device

Now retrieve a MetaWear object corresponding to your board by scanning for it.

import MetaWear
import MetaWearCpp

MetaWearScanner.shared.startScan(allowDuplicates: true) { (device) in
    // We found a MetaWear board, see if it is close
    if device.rssi.intValue > -50 {
        // Hooray! We found a MetaWear board, so stop scanning for more
        // Connect to the board we found
        device.connectAndSetup().continueWith { t in
            if let error = t.error {
                // Sorry we couldn't connect
            } else {
                // Hooray! We connected to a MetaWear board, so flash its LED!
                var pattern = MblMwLedPattern()
                mbl_mw_led_load_preset_pattern(&pattern, MBL_MW_LED_PRESET_PULSE)
                mbl_mw_led_write_pattern(device.board, &pattern, MBL_MW_LED_COLOR_GREEN)