Empowering Medical Researchers and Clinical Trials


Simple, fast, and affordable tools for the collection of data in clinical trials

Powerful Dashboard, App, and Wearables reduce trial cost and time so your product
gets to market faster and impacts the lives of patients sooner.

Smart Sensors, an App, and a Cloud Dashboard

Reduce cost by digitizing your trials with wearable sensors and an app that continuously records patient data.

With real-time access to trial and patient information, data presented on your dashboard offers interactive visualizations and sophisticated analytics that enable efficient and innovative research.


Health, Fitness, and Medical Wearable Sensors

Sensors give unbiased information about patient health during a trial.

Our Wearable sensor solutions are affordable, rechargeable, water resistant, and easy to use.

Metrics include pulse (heart rate), calories, steps, skin temperature and more.

Simple and Customizable App

A free App aggregates sensor data and questionnaire reponses.

The questionnaire is fully customizable so you can ask the most relevant questions every day of the trial.

Patient data is encrypted and securely uploaded from the App to the dashboard.


Accessible Patient Dashboard

Your dashboard lets you rapidly explore data to better guide the research process.

The dashboards provide cross functional, holistic views of patients. These dynamic views enable fuller insight by revealing the medical, health, and mental status of each volunteer.

Pay per Phase. Pay per Use. Not a Penny More.

Forget paper. Our tools guarantee over 80% savings by switching to digital.

Phase 1
Up to 100 patients
Online support
Dashboard admin access
Free standard App
Affordable wearable options
Phase 3 & 4
Up to 10,000 patients
24 hour live support
Dashboard admin access
Free custom App
Custom Sensors

Don't see what you need? Contact us for custom packages and pricing.

How it Works

Wear and Track

Patients track biometric data using our wearable & connected health sensor device and iOS/Android patient app.

Learn and Engage

Reminders and progress reports empower patients. Send secure messages, goals, surveys, appointment reminders and more.

Manage and Succeed

Our secure cloud resources gives clinicians the resources they need to monitor their patients from an aggregated dashboard.

Available in the Appstore

Your custom App is ready to download when your trial starts so your volunteers are engaged from the start.

Start Now
creditcard Enabling Faster Insights

Continuous, clinical-grade health data allows doctors to analyze results in real time and adjust a trial based on preliminary evidence.

creditcard Improve trial Efficiency and Quality

We revolutionize how pharmaceutical companies conduct trials to obtain optimal results.

dev Accelerate the Pace of Innovation

Seamlessly integrating data from sensors into clinical records through the Cloud opens up new possibilities to measure biometrics.

locked Adaptive and Intelligent Monitoring

Patients keep their normal daily routines and only check in with the lab at the beginning and end of the trial.

dev Enhance Patient Engagement

Help make clinical trials faster and more patient-centric by offering wearable technology to volunteers.

locked Expand the depth of Clinical Data

The use of wearable technologies in clinical trials enhance subject recruitment, reduce cost, and maximize efficiencies.

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