6-axis IMU and Environmental Sensor

The MetaTracker (MTR) is a wearable device that offers real-time and continuous monitoring of motion and environmental sensor data.

The MTR includes free and open source APIs and App software for sensor data acquisition and for in-depth analysis and visualization.

Long-Lasting. Mountable. Durable

On-board sensors include a triple-axis gyroscope, a triple-axis accelerometer, humidity sensor, as well a barometric pressure sensor, and ambient light sensor.

Technical Specifications

Unobtrusive monitoring and clinical quality observation
Record in the lab or at home with no hassle. Obtain accurate and precise sensor data.

Ultra lightweight at just 0.7oz

Synchronized timestamp:
Supports multiple devices simultaneously

Coin Battery:
CR2450 600mAH replaceable coin-cell battery

Splash Resistant Materials:
IP54 plastic case

Regulatory Compliance:

Miniature form factor:
52mm × 35mm x 15mm in case

Low power consumption:
Sleep mode supports 6 months idle time

Usage modes:
Streaming mode: 8h-24h,
recording mode: 2h-48h

Data Transfer:
Bluetooth Low Energy Smart®

Flash Memory:
4MB NOR. Up to 500K data entries

Sensor Specification

Ideal for package tracking, cold-cargo, freezer and other storage monitoring, vibration detection, object movement, and robotics.

On-Board Sensors
GyroscopeRange: ± 125, ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000, ± 2000°/s
Resolution:16 bit
Sample Rate:0.001Hz – 100Hz stream – 800Hz log
AccelerometerRange:± 2, ± 4, ± 8, ± 16 g
Sample Rate:0.001Hz – 100Hz stream – 800Hz log
Barometric PressureRange300 – 1100 hPa
Resolution:0.01 hPa ( < 10 cm)
Accuracy:~ ±1 hPa (abs), ± 0.12 hPa (±1 m – rel)
Sample Rate:0.001Hz – 50Hz
HumidityRange0 – 100% rel. humidity
Response time:1 s
Accuracy tolerance:±3% rel. humidity
Hysteresis:±1% rel. humidity
Sample Rate:0.001Hz – 50Hz
Ambient LightRange:0.01 lux – 64k lux
Sample Rate:0.001Hz – 50Hz
On-Board Sensors
TemperatureRange:-40°C – 85°C
Resolution:0.01° C
Sample Rate:0.001Hz – 50Hz
Analog and Digital Inputs
Range:0V to 3.1V
Auxiliary Serial Interface
Available:I2C and SPI
Memory and Peripherals
On-Board:Programmable Push-button and LED
Memory:4MB NOR Flash memory – store up to 500K sensor data entries or use our calculate here to determine how long you can store your data.

The Most Powerful Software

Free MetaBase App on Android, or iOS

The MetaBase App imports your data via Bluetooth into the device of your choice, stores it, and optionally transfers it to our secure Cloud platform.

Use the App to configure the sensors at any frequency. Set the real time streaming or logging mode. And go!

You can also troubleshoot and upgrade the Firmware of your MTR.

Develop Your Own Apps

Use our developer tools to build your own App.

Develop Apps that leverage data from the MTR.

Our APIs support Android, iOS, Windows and Linux development. Platforms supported include Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio.

Our open-source APIs are available in Swift, C++, C#, Java, and Javascript. Additional documentation, tutorials, and free example Apps are available.

Compare Sensor Offerings

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MTHXXXXXX4MBreplaceable coin-cell
MMCXXXXXXX8MBreplaceable coin-cell
MMRLXXXXX8MBrechargeable lipo

Achieve more with MTR

The trackers kit includes a board, case, and battery. Additional accessories are available on our store:








$19 – $10.00