Wearable Technology
For Motion Tracking

Sensors and Tools for motion capture and analysis, biomechanics, kinematics, industrial control, research and product development.


Wireless Sensors Programmable via Open-Source APIs for R&D

Develop your own App or embed the Sensors into your Product.

Our kits allow for rapid prototyping of various projects:

and use our APIs to download and process raw sensor data.

We support all the major platforms with Swift, Java, Javascript, Python, C#, or C++ APIs.


Wearable Sensors for continuous Raw Data Aggregation in Studies

Quickly gather unbiased and error-free raw sensor data for Trials.

Our kits can record and stream motion and environmental data:

and export or graph the results in our free MetaBase App.

The MetaBase App is available for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows devices.


Wireless Sensors for Asset Tracking and Environmental Monitoring

An industrial tracker for cargo and asset management perfect for all types of logistic purposes.

This  Sensor enables quality assurance during transportation of goods and reliable damage control saving time and money:

Set the sensors to record data and export the results in our free MetaBase App. We support Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows devices.

You can also program the Sensors using our open-source Swift, Java, Javascript, Python, C#, or C++ APIs.


Get sensor data in seconds with no hidden fees or subscriptions.

Worldwide Shipping

Made in the USA. We ship worldwide.

Easy and Safe Payments

Paypal, Credit Card, and ACH accepted.

OEM and Licensing

Reduce risk and time to market for your application.

Empowering Nobel Laureates

Learn about how UCSF used our Sensors to reduce post-op recovery times:

Novel positioning sensor with real-time feedback for improved postoperative positioning: pilot study in control subjects.


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