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Explore our favorite projects and read our latest white papers:


This Smart T-Shirt collects biometric sensor data during a day and sends it to your smartphone.

Hands free innovative interaction solution for railway workers. All QA inputs can be controlled by gestures.

Enable parents to monitor their baby’s cognitive development and optimize their education.

Zanthion improves senior health through machine learning, predictive analytics, and just in time responses.

Training tool to help dancers to improve their turning skills and compete against other dancers by posting results online.

Work performed with an R&D grant to help people with partial paralysis in rehabilitation.


An Automatic Gait Feature Extraction Method for Identifying Gait Asymmetry Using Wearable Sensors.

Novel positioning sensor with real-time feedback for improved postoperative positioning.

Richard Eibrand’s dissertation: “Is it feasible to design a useful interface for
COPD self-management?”

SBIR Phase I: Cloud Based Artificial Intelligence for Trend Analysis Using Sensor Data.

“Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare” – 6th International Conference, MobiHealth 2016.

Dr. Robyn Stremler’s research focuses on ways to improve sleep and health outcomes in children and adults.


MbientLab and Amazon are AWS technology partners on the APN network.

ARM is a proud partner of MbientLab and has been features many times by the ARM community.

Ryan Graham, assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa and biomechanical expert, is a MbientLab partner.

Ensure worker safety and gain real-time visibility into worker health, location, and environment.

Bosch technology is embedded into MbientLab products to ensure the best MEMs sensor quality.

Nordic Semiconductor is embedded into every MbientLab product to power our latest sensor technology.


IoT World 2018 – Project Kairos

Sensors Magazine – Sensor Expo 2018

Fast Company





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