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The MetaHealth is our fitness, medical, and health tracking solution.

The MetaHealth board comes with a water-resistant Band, Battery, Bluetooth Low Energy, an ARM M4F MCU, memory, an LED, GPIOs and the following sensors:

  • PPG (Optical heart-rate pulse sensor)
  • GSR (Galvanic skin response – Skin conductance)
  • BMI160 Accelerometer + Gyroscope (6-axis)
  • NCP15XH103F03RC Temperature (Thermistor)

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MetaHealth is the HR and GSR version of the sensor platform and comes with an optical pulse sensor and lead based galvanic skin response sensor. The sensor allows you to measure the heart rate of the user from the skin as well as emotional and sweat based responses (electrical conductance of the skin acts as an indicator of psychological or physiological arousal).

There is an LED and push button switch on the board.

The board is powered by a rechargeable lipo battery.

The board is based on the nRF52 SOC from Nordic built around a ARM® Cortex™ M4F CPU and Bluetooth Low Energy.

The off board memory stores the sensor data on the MetaSensor to be retrieved at any time by your Device (Smartphone, Hub, Tablet or PC).

Sensor data is available:

  • as a CSV file on your Device once the Stream or Download finishes (using the MetaBase App)
  • as a CSV file in the MetaCloud once the data is uploaded (using the MetaBase App or our APIs)
  • as a JSON array in your code (using our Python/C++/C#/Java/Javascript/Swift APIs)

Additional information


Bluetooth 4.0 – 2.4Ghz (up to 100ft of range – typical 10m)


Nordic nRF51822 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU with 256kB/128kB flash + 32kB/16kB RAM
Micro push-button

Logging / Memory

Streaming AND Logging Sensor
8MB NOR FLASH – Off board
=100K – 500K sensor data entries with timestamps (actual # of entries depends on # of sensors turned on, sampling frequency, and recording time)
Sensor data is sent live directly to your Device OR recorded in the Sensor memory and downloaded to your Device at any time (Smartphone, Tablet, Hub)
Data is available as a CSV file on your Device once the Stream or Download finishes


100mAH 3.7V lithium battery – rechargeable (included)


Accelerometer (A): 16 bit
±2g: 16384LSB/g
±4g: 8192LSB/g
±8g: 4096LSB/g
±16g: 2048LSB/g
Noise density (typ.): 180 μg/√Hz


Gyroscope (G): 16bit
±125°/s: 262.4 LSB/°/s
±250°/s: 131.2 LSB/°/s
±500°/s: 65.6 LSB/°/s
±1000°/s: 32.8 LSB/°/s
±2000°/s: 16.4 LSB/°/s
Noise density (typ.): 0.008 °/s/√Hz

GSR - Skin conductivity

2 leads w/ proprietary skin conductivity sensor (galvanic skin response – up to 25 Hz)

Heart-Rate (HR - PPG)

Osram 7051 based optical sensors using green LED.
Needs to be close to the skin. (1Hz – BPM)


±1.0C thermistor


Sensor alone (no casing, no battery) = 6g (0.20 oz)


Black plastic and rubber wrist band. Interchangeable pc.


White plastic case. Water proof. Button integrated. 1 pc.