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Each MetaSensor board is equipped standard with an MCU, Bluetooth Low Energy, a battery, an LED, a push button, memory, and a variety of sensors to choose from.

Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless

Many Sensors Types and Shapes

Small Size, Micro Format, Light Weight

Choose from our Sensor Types below.

Our sensors come in a round or rectangular form-factor. Choose from industrial, health, and motion sensors:

Motion and Fitness Sensors

METASENSORS Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Sensor Fusion
MetaWear RG X X
MetaMotion R X X X X
MetaWear C X X
MetaWear CPRO X X X
MetaMotion C X X X X

Environmental and Industrial Sensors

METASENSORS Motion Light Color Temperature Barometer Humidity Proximity
MetaTracker  X  X  X  X  X

Health and Medical Sensors

METASENSORS Motion Temperature GSR Heart-Rate
MetaHealth  X  X  X  X

Wear your MetaSensor!

All of our sensors have Wearable options.

Choose from a wide selection of accessories that includes clips, wristbands, watchbands and cases for a more complete sensor experience in the form-factor of your choice.

You can also add additional peripherals and sensors to our boards such as a vibration coin motor or buzzing alarm.

Accessories for your MetaSensor

See a few samples of our accessories:

Vibration Motor


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White Case


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Rubber Clip


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Build your Sensor Product Today!

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