Business Solutions and Services

MbientLab provides prototyping, customization, and manufacturing services.
Our platform does all the heavy lifting, freeing you up to concentrate on creating a product.


Rapid Prototyping

We quickly prototype your idea at a competitive price by leveraging our MetaWear technology; get a proof-of-concept in just a few weeks.

Our labs are equiped with everything from lasers to 3D printers to pick-and-place machines for quick turnarounds of custom PCBs.


Custom Hardware

We tailor our hardware to meet your product requirements including circuit, schematic, and PCB CAD design.

Send us an email with your product specs and let us know which services you require and we will immediately send you a detailed quote.



Go from concept to mass-scale; once your product is ready to scale, we provide state-of-the-art manufacturing services including custom testing jigs, DFM and BOM optimization services.

We partner with CMs worldwide to provide quality products.


Software Services

We help you with all of your software needs including Android and iOS App design and development.

In just a few days we develop a custom API with a mobile App so you can send all of your sensor data to a private cloud and analyze it in real-time.


Analytics Services

We make sense of all your sensor data and provide software development services for your application.

Need to determine how accurate your golf swing is? We use the latest AI (machine learning) tools to classify motion data and develop complex custom algorithms.

Different plans for your Product

Choose the customization that fits your business needs:

Quick Prototypes
Quick turnaround
Custom Hardware
Proof of concept
Leverage MetaWear
App to test
DFM Review
BOM Optimization
Small MOQs
Program and test jig
ISO certified

A Custom Solution for Your Smart Products

Everything starts with our base platform that we customize at any level for your needs. Hardware, firmware, software and manufacturing support and services are provided by MbientLab.

Rapid Prototypes and Proof-of-Concept

We start with one of the standard MetaWear platforms and add or remove components and sensors.

If you need an additional sensor such as a UV sensor, MbientLab offers quick custom PCBs ready to manufacture in just a few days.

If you need a full custom solution our design services are just for you. Custom designs such as a heart rate sensor or a smart golf club are our speciality.

Sensor Analytics and Algorithm Development

MbientLab can implement and develop your algorithm natively for the platform.

If you need your free-fall detection algorithm to run natively on the ARM core, we can develop the custom AI firmware for your embedded product.

All of our software customization include a private firmware and/or API release in the repository of your choice.

Mobile App and Cloud Development

We offer cloud (backend / server / big-data), Android and iOS App design services and we embeded your custom sensor algorithm and graphics into your App so you get a complete product.

MbientLab also provides cloud services so that we can send all of your sensor data to our cloud and provide real time analytics.

Design, Manufacturing, and Certification

Want a quick quote for your custom MetaWear product? Need a fully custom design? We will give you timelines, cost estimates, feedback, lead times and detailed quotes in as quickly as two days.

MbientLab provides DFM and BOM optimization services as well as small to large scale manufacturing with global CMs.

Need Support and Services? Got an idea? We are here for you.