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We offer a variety of services to engineer your idea, product, or prototype to life.

Our hardware and firmware engineers develop custom circuits, schematics, PCB CAD and firmware to fit your exact needs. We can start from an existing product in our offering or start entirely from scratch.

Send us an email with your specs and requirements and let us know which services you require and we will immediately send you a detailed quote.

We help you with all of your software needs including Android, Windows, and iOS App design and development. We also extend our software development services to custom cloud and dashboards implementations.

In a short time we develop a custom API with a mobile App so you can send all of your sensor data to a private cloud and analyze it in real-time.

We make sense of all your sensor data and use the latest techniques in Machine Learning to develop and extract relevant metrics. Raw accelerometer data turns into steps, batting average, knee ROI, calories, height jumped, and much more.

We use the latest AI tools to classify motion data and develop complex custom algorithms.

We quickly prototype your idea at a competitive price by leveraging our MetaWear technology. Now you can get your proof of concept done in record time by using our MetaWear platform to rapid prototype your idea.

Our labs are equipped with state of the art technology and everything needed for quick turnarounds of custom PCBs.

Go from concept to mass-scale; once your product is ready to scale, we provide state-of-the-art manufacturing services including custom testing jigs, DFM and BOM optimization services.

We partner with CMs worldwide to provide quality products at any quantity requested.

A Custom Solution for Your Smart Product.


We customize our platform at any level for your needs.

We start with one of the standard MetaWear platform and add or remove components and sensors.

We research and develop your algorithm such as a fall detector and embedded it in your custom product.

We offer Cloud (server), Hub, and Windows/Android/iOS App design services for a more complete product.

We provide DFM and design optimization services to manufacture your product globally in any quantity.

We are here to help your idea blast off!

Through innovation & engineering

Let’s Get Started!