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Do you have a product or idea that you want to bring to life?

We offer consultations and estimates.

During your 1 hour phone session, we will talk about your product idea. We will discuss timelines, costs, feasibility, and answer your questions.

Contact us today to get in touch with a product development expert!

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If you’ve had an idea for a product, at some point, you’ve probably wondered, “Is this idea any good?” It’s a reasonable question!

We offer a $150 1 hour 1:1 engineering consultation session.

During the session, we discuss your idea. Does your idea warrant moving ahead with? Is it worth your time and energy? Can you build it? Can it be manufactured at a competitive price point? Is your idea unique? Is it patentable?

As soon as you book your consultation, please send us your availability and we will schedule a conference call.

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1 hour

Conference Call





– discuss your idea
– discuss the merit of the idea
– discuss development feasibility
– discuss manufacturing
– discuss patentability
– discuss costs
– discuss timeline
– Q&A