Keep a Closer Eye on your Precious Cargo


Tools to help you take command of your Supply Chain

Sensor devices travel with your shipments and stream information directly to you, maximizing valuable tracking data and closing monitoring gaps. You stay in control by monitoring and tracking your cargo from end to end.

Smart Sensors, an App, and a Cloud Dashboard

Powered by advanced machine intelligence, our dashboard delivers a discrete view of your product as it undergoes transporation.

Now you can understand exactly when your cargo was moved, how long it spent in transport, and how it was handled throughout.


Sensors that Measure Shock, Humidity and more

This is a wireless asset tracking and sensing device that monitors light, temperature, pressure, humidity, motion, vibration, and shock of assets transported via air cargo, truck, rail, or intermodal freight.

This is the first tracking sensor device available for all modes of transportation and it is fully reusable.

Simple Smartphone App

You can program and view the sensor data from the device at any time such as during customs, at a port, or right when your cargo leaves your factory.

A free App aggregates all of the tracking sensor data and securely uploads to the dashboard.


Cargo Analytics Dashboard

Our dashboard delivers the full picture about your shipment on the cloud with a powerful reporting platform that offers robust analytics.

Get reports and alerts anytime a device goes above a programmable threshold such as when the temperature reaches above 24°C.

Pay per Use. Not a Penny More.

Re-use the sensors and get additional savings!

Small Scale
100 shipments/month
Online support
Dashboard admin access
Free standard App
White-label sensors
Large Scale
10,000 shipments/month
24 hour live support
Dashboard admin access
Free custom App
Custom Sensors

Don't see what you need? Contact us for custom packages and pricing.

How it Works

Stick and Ship

Use the mounting screws or the adhesive to stick the sensor to your cargo.

Track and Learn

The sensor data is automatically logged and ready for download via an App anytime.

Manage and Succeed

The sensor data is analyzed in the cloud so you can quickly make decisions.

Available in the Appstore

Your tracking App is ready for download as soon as the first package arrives. Data is always at your fingertips...literally.

Start Now
creditcard Reduce Cost

Reduce costs associated with product loss, transportation, and packaging while optimizing quality.

creditcard Track Digitally

Remove outdated file storage methods and reduce liability with a cloud based shipment history.

dev Move Quickly

Enhance root cause analysis with our cloud dashboard and machine learning tools and make quick decisions.

locked Intelligent Monitoring

Efficiently address regulatory burdens such as (FDA) CFR 21 part 11 and the EU Good Distribution Practice.

dev Adaptive Learning

Our shipment analysis are designed to illuminate the blind spots and black holes that exist in your supply chain.

locked Chain Optimization

Take back the reins of your logistics operations and optimize your quality control process and standard operating procedures.

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