5. Infrastructure and Topology

Different projects require different setups. Some may require many MetaSensors, Apps or Hubs.

There are endless configurations for MetaSensors. You should pick the infrastructure you need for your project.

5.1. 1 Sensor + 1 App (Hub)

This is the most common infrastructure used by devices such as your Fitbit or smart Scale.


This can be:

  • Wearables
  • Fitness Trackers


1 App captures the bio and fitness metrics of a sensor worn on running shorts. The motion sensors are used to analyze the gait and cadence of the runner and metrics are displayed in the App.

5.2. 2+ Sensors + 2+ Apps (Hubs)

This is a common infrastructure for tracking many people at a conference using iBeacons or Eddystones.


This can be:

  • Asset Tracker
  • People Tracker


7 MetaHubs are placed in each room of the warehouse facility and movable objects are outfitted with MetaSensors beaconing. The advertised beacon data has information about the temperature and humidity of the packages which is observed by the MetaHub and relayed to the cloud. The information is used to locate the movable objects and make sure they are kept in proper inventory conditions.

5.3. 1 Sensor + 2+ Apps (Hubs)

This is a common infrastructure for logistics and tracking the dark portions of a supply chain such as your crate of bananas in a container that is refrigerated currently stuck in the Panama Canal.


This can be:

  • Cargo Tracker
  • RTLS (Location / Beacon)


2 Hubs and 1 App are used by the warehouse owners, on the manufacturing floor, and by consignees in the supply chain. At each step, data is downloaded from 1 sensor Device tracking cold cargo shipment of extremely sensitive pharmaceuticals.

5.4. 2+ Sensors + 1 App (Hub)

This is a common infrastructure for motion detection of people and robots such as analyzing a tennis swing or a swim stroke.


This can be:

  • Motion/Sports/Object Tracker
  • Robot


1 Hub is used to track the motion of a robot arm in a laboratory. The Hub relays the information to the cloud which tracks the motion of the robot arm as well as how often they are used by researchers.