A Secure, Healthy, and Happy Workforce


Wearable solutions for the Enterprise

Powerful Dashboard, App, and Wearable sensors offer environmental health and safety monitoring for your workers.

Smart Sensors, an App, and a Cloud Dashboard

Reduce insurance costs and accident rates by continuously monitoring your workforce with environmental, motion, and bio sensors.

With real-time access to your workers health, data presented on your dashboard offers interactive visualizations and sophisticated analytics that enable efficient and innovative workfore management.


Health, Motion, and Accident Sensors

Sensors give health, mood, and fitness metrics.

Our Wearable sensor solutions are affordable, rechargeable, wearable, and easy to use.

Metrics include temperature, heart-rate, activity, fatigue, humidity and more.

Simple and Customizable App

A free App aggregates sensor data and GPS location.

Worker data is encrypted and securely uploaded from the App to the dashboard.

A fun and interactive App retains employee morale and increases productivity.


Employee Dashboard

The system collects the sensor data and compiles it to provide a broader and more accurate picture of what a worker is experiencing.

The dashboards provides all the insight you need to prevent or anticipate potential equipment failure that may create unsafe conditions, costly downtime of employees, or defective machinery.

Pay per Employee or Pay per Site

Sensors keep your workforce happy, healthy, and engaged!

Small business
Up to 100 workers
Online support
Dashboard admin access
Free standard App
Affordable wearable options
Large business
Up to 10,000 workers
24 hour live support
Dashboard admin access
Free custom App
Custom Sensors

Don't see what you need? Contact us for custom packages and pricing.

How it Works

Wear and Track

Track worker movements and well-being using our wearable sensor device and interactive app.

Learn and Engage

Progress reports empower managers to prevent accidents, downtime, and sedentary behavior.

Manage and Succeed

Keep your workforce happy, engaged, and safe. Reduce overhead, decrease costs, and manage accidents.

Available in the Appstore

Your custom App is ready to download when your project starts so your workforce is engaged from the start.

Start Now
creditcard Reduce Accident Injury

On-the-job injuries cost around $200 billion each year, our wearables reduce accidents and injuries.

creditcard Safety is Number One

Augment safety efforts in a range of industries, from mining and oil & gas to manufacturing, aviation, and logistics.

dev Diminish Danger Zones

Wearables monitor workers’ vitals and their exposure to harmful elements/chemicals and their proximity to danger zones.

locked Heighten Awareness

The technology can also heighten workers' situational awareness by continuously collecting data on the jobsite.

dev Alerts and Reminders

Sensors provide safety alerts and prompts to employees in the field, and remind workers of context-specific safety procedures.

locked Help and Analysis

Wearable devices enable an injured worker to reach out for help and allow managers to understand why an accident occured.

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