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  • I agree that ROS itself would be overkill, just to read the data. My idea would be to use the sensor data and sensor fusion to achieve localization of multiple robots. Furthermore adding other sensors to the I2C interface would be awesome aswell. Th…
  • @Igleasain: the filan goal would be to integrate the MWC platform into the robot operating system  As the hardware is affordable, I see a lot of potential within the robotic community. Small form factor is another point that makes it ver…
  • ok, that's a start. are you planning on releasing an official python package that makes the whole dev process easier? => scanning/connecting/config/data read... you would make the MWC platform much more attractive if people had an easier start w…
  • Reworked the design for the simple enclosure and posted it on thingiverse: Your browser does not support HTML5 video!
  • @Matt: Sorry, my bad. Did not select the proper view during export ^^Does this one work better:
  • @Matt: Exported the lid as DXF. Could you check, if it works for you? If yes, I would post it on thingiverse.
  • @Matt: as soon as I find the time, I will post the dwg. additionally I want to add a notch inside, to allow easier removal of the MWC => no shaking and wiggeling required. Regarding the dimensions: Can I keep the current diameter or should I twe…
  • @Matt: I updated the waterproof case the regular one is still not finished. I printed out a version of it and I'm not yet happy with the result ;-) I can adjust the waterproof case, to fit a 1.5mm o-ring. Acrylic top would be awesome, especially if…
  • @Laura: Thank you very much! Can't wait for my MWCs (ordered six of them ^^ ) @Matt: If you are planning on printing tomorrow, I will adjust the dimensions shortly. Hopefully it will result in a perfect fit My test-print had also 24.2 so we shou…
  • @Matt: To make the dimensions matching a bit more efficient, could you check out the following two files and see what version fits best?Notches: Diameter:…
  • @Matt I will adjust the diameter this weekend and rework the closing mechanism (hopefully) ^^ are the notches ok or do they need to be a bit smaller?
  • Finally got my filament restocked. I think I will drop the twist mechanism, as with such small dimensions, it would be too weak. Going to design a "snap-on" cap i think.
  • @Matt: Updated the design. Check it out
  • Dear MattJust to put it all together: Base: - Inner diameter slightly to tight - walls could be thicker - Could you post a picture with the metawear inside the base? Lid (simple): - Fit too tight  - Does the lid latch to the base? L…
  • wow thank you for the detailed report! I will rework the locking mechanism and diameters for a better fit. Do you print with a 0.4mm nozle? It's hard to get the dimensions right, but I guess I'm on the right track
  • Thx Still working on it. Any news regarding shipping?