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  • Works like a charm!  My main issues were knowing the ordering and speed of my particular neopixels (5mm diffused)...the metawear android app helped me to mess with the parameters...these are slow, RGB.  The code for a strand with one pixel would be …
  • If I'm reading this correctly, the 'develop' branch uses the libmetawear Metawear C++ API as a submodule and targets what seems to be a fairly recent commit (0b2a3ad). In this commit, there is a file that seems to include several metho…
  • Thanks a lot.  This works!  Thanks for putting this together.  Any pointers for how to send values to the GPIO?  I have a string of 10 or so Neopixels that I'd like to feed colors to.
  • Great!  Always love being on the bleeding edge!  I'm able to build and install from the develop branch, but I get this error uppon running the example: python Discovering nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices... Traceback (most …
  • @hbldh, Do you know if this should be able to be installed on Debian Jessie?  I'm on a Raspberry Pi 3 and attempted to install it, but got some errors (apologies, away from the pi at the moment, so cannot post the errors) after the gatttools setup.…