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  • there is no position sensor
  • > Reducing data bandwidth is not something we would like to do as one of the most requested features has been to stream at higher than 100Hz and from multiple boards / sensors.  But recording sample time stamps on the sensor side with the data …
  • Using the Metamotion R. We need to setup the sensor and stream sensor fusion data (Quaternion or Euler angles) in real-time as a starting point. We have much the same issue with doing development for Android with MIT's AppInventor, which at least …
  • Thanks. But I had already looked at that device test code. Difficult to efficiently dig out what the test routines are doing and why, in a way that can be transferred to another language. They were presumably written from a command syntax master ref…
  • I think I understand what the Adafruit BlueFruit LE Friend above does to potentially solve the problem of communications between Matlab and Metawear. However in order for us to attempt to get Matlab to send it serial strings to then send to Metawear…
  • You are cutting yourself off from a huge potential audience in not having a direct simple real-time interface to Matlab, ie engineering students. Sure there are some able to use C++/C#/Android but Matlab is the MS Word of engineering. The more stude…