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  • In the above code I want to break out of the code during the condition if(a==1&&b==1) and execute another sms code. Can you tell us how to change the control flow of the compiler from the continous execution of the code to send the sms.
  • public void configure(RouteComponent source) { source.stream(new Subscriber() { @Override public void apply(Data data, Object... env) { final SensorFusionBosch.CorrectedAngularVelocit…
  • can you illustrate how you do this, i did exactly what u said and the compiler doesnt recognise the keyword acceleration  
  • Can you tell us how to transfer each axis data onto variables of float type so that we can perform logic operations on them?
  • This is the code i tried to access the data in the form of variables to compare but in the first sentences it mentions an error saying a bracket and a semi colon at the red spots, is missing whereas it is not - Acceleration acceleration = new Accele…
  • basically i want the data in variables with which i can perform comparing dunctions in the if statements
  • I have tried the stream code, but i dont know how to refer to the each axis value and then compare it with fixed values in the if else statements.
  • can u give me the corresponding code to this-if(xaxisacceleration>x1,yaxisacceleration>y1,zaxisacceleration>z1) { if(xaxisangularvelocity>x2,yaxisangularvelocity>y2,zaxisangularvelocity>z2) { //a gsm call to be made from th…
  • I am feeding the same data to multiple thresholds. Basically we want to simulate an if else construct like - if(a>x&&b>y......) {some logic;} else if(ay......) {some logic;} . . . and so on,  Is there a way to simulate t…
  • In this code the red words arent being recognised by the android studio, can you tell us which class to import from metawear to resolve this?
  • @Override public void onServiceConnected(ComponentName name, IBinder service) { BtleService.LocalBinder serviceBinder = (BtleService.LocalBinder) service; AccelerationDataProducer acceleration = board.getModule(Accelerometer.class).accelerat…
  • thanks we got the errors sorted out but could you tell us the syntax for using the IMUplus config of sensor fusion to obtain angular velocity? and also if we use multiple threshold filters will it work as a nested if else function?
  • Im trying to get data from accelerometer and gyroscope and store it in 3 variables(1 for each axis) and i tried the code from the data route directory that streams the data from accelerometer. Android studio does not even recognise the keyword strea…
  • I have already referred to that documentation but im getting some errors, don't you have a more detailed reference?