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  • Basically the app controls a rehabilitation task. The task consists of pressing the button on the bracelet when the LED turns on. I know how many times the led lights up in a certain amount of time, and I would like to count how many times the user …
  • The original idea could work, but I had problems implementing it. Can you help me with that? The code I posted above finds the 1st press and when it is released. How can I detected the second press? thank you so much
  • Regarding the long press, can't we detect the the comparison is one for an amount of time/samples?
  • I just need a way to stop the timer that manages the vibration. I was thinking of a long press on the button (I use a normal press to start the timer) but If you have a better idea I would appreciate your help! maybe a double tap? 
  • thank you very much Eric, one more thing:  How can I detect a long press on the button?  I use this code to detect if the button is pressed or not: source.count().map(Function2.MODULUS, 2) .multicast() .to().filter(Comparison.EQ, …
  • I would like to count how many "no motion" were detected. Once I download data how can I do that? Right now I can see how many of them have been detected only on the logcat monitor. I want to save the number in a variable. Any ideas?
  • thanks Eric, It works with the reaction!Is there a way to download data and save it into variables instead of only seeing it only in the logcat? right now I can only download data and see it there, but I would like to use it somehow!  thanks again!
  • Do you have any suggestions on scheduling Random timing tasks? with scheduleAsync I can only schedule tasks that are repeated every period. 
  • Yes I'm closing the app and bluetooth! after I reopen the app and the bluetooth, I reconnect it as usual. Once I press the button to stop and remove the task, it won't work.. and I don't understand why. 
  • Eric, Do you know why scheduledtask.remove() removes the task only when I don't disconnect the board from the app? Once I disconnect the board, use it and then reconnected it to the app to cancel the task, remove() does not work anymore. How can I d…
  • thank you Eric, last question: If I schedule a Task using the Metawear timer, would it work also without bluetooth connection? If no, How can I make the board do something (Vibration) even when it is not connected to the phone?
  • I'm really sorry but I don't understand why I need to use AddRouteAsync if I'm not reading or "producing data" like in the example of the temperature sensor. I just want to make the haptic motor vibrate every 30 minutes. I thought I just needed to s…
  • Eric, thanks for your consideration! I have read and followed that page, but I still have some problems. Could you please check my code? I'm not sure if I have scheduled the task right because after it won't work. ((Switch) view.findViewById(R.…
  • I'm using Android!