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  • Hi, I have the same problem. My sensor is a MetaMotionR, I tried to do the firmware update through nRF but in the middle of the process the sensor is disconnected. This is normal? Has anyone had this problem before? Thank in advance, Ricardo
  • Hi Eric,  I wrote a comment in the link, to see what action we have to do it.  Thnaks for your help.  Best regards, 
  • Hi Eric,  I solve the issue connection going to Application management in the mobile phone, search MetaWear app, clear data, stop app.  Open again and scan--> connect. It look like is the phones that have the issue with the app. Phone use…
  • Hi,  I update the FW of the sensor and it look life it is working.  The only strange thing is the graphics. Apparently the sampling time does not match the actual measurement time, but at least now it is not blocking. We've only tested it wit…
  • Hi Eric,  * What settings were used? R: Default configuration that configure the app MetaWear * What experiments were done with the board i.e. used in repeated free fall tests or attached to a rotator.  Please be as detailed as possible. …
  • Hi,  We have done tests changing the frequency, but still after a while it is blocked. Any other ideas I can try? Thanks in advance,
  • Hi Eric,  Does sensor fusion work?  R: No, it is not working. How were you using the board prior to this issue happening? R: I do not understand what you're referring to. He was using it as he had come using the sensors so far. I have thi…
  • Hi Eric,  I have updated the firmware, but it still not working.  Any idea?  Thanks in advance, 
  • Thank you very much! I will try to use it and I will keep you informed if it work.  Best regards, 
  • Is it possible to change the frequency within the App?  Do you think that it is an issue in the app? or is in the FW? how I can test it? Thanks in advance,  Ricardo. 
  • Hi Eric, Thank you very much for your response. I am attaching a strain gauge. Is very simple, I connected the Gauge to an amplifier to guarantee the dynamic range of the gauge from 0 to 3V whwn I measure different weigth. The changes are very…