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  • Hello Eric, we’re using the device for demos . So if I take the device with my hand and hold it in the palm or in my fist to warm it up happens, also if put the device on a drawer to simulate lack of light happens too, these are the moments I can re…
  • Thanks Eric, I was able to make the sensor work retrieving data, sometimes i got a problem and this error appears Error: Peripheral already connected Its an error from noble, do you know how to handle it properly in nodejs Thanks
  • Thanks Eric, it finally worked. I´d like to ask you if you have some examples to retrieve data from other sensors, i only have example for accelerometer. Thanks in advance
  • Thanks Eric, I recreated project in a Ubuntu vm , everything ran and compiled... once i try to run example test i got /home/osboxes/nodeapp/node_modules/metawear/lib/metawear.js:64 Object.assign(MetaWear, cbindings);        ^ TypeError: Object …
  • Another question, i needed to install the JS/C++ version a Cygwin with proper make executable due to the following script "scripts": { "install": "make OPT_FLAGS=-Wno-strict-aliasing -C MetaWear-SDK-Cpp/ -j", "uninstall": "make -C MetaWear-SDK…
  • Hello You mean the lib folder (D:\Apps\Node\node_modules\metawear\MetaWear-SDK-Cpp\dist\release\lib\x64) ? This is what i got Appreciate your comments Regards