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  • Hi, Some of my customers are experiencing data loss / disconnects when streaming for MMC's. Is this the same issue ? I tried to upgrade the firmware on one sensor via MetaBase app (reason = Version string: ''(com.mbientlab.metawear does not matc…
  • Hi Again, While changing the target API level to 28, it then runs into a problem when uploading it to the Google Play store. It looks like I still need help to sort this out !!
  • Hi, I have found a fix for the problem. This was very helpful I changed my build.gradle (:app) compile and target versions from 29 to 28 and the App could then find the sensors. …
  • Thank you Stephen, the penny has dropped. In my code I had added a line which referenced "self" which was the real problem. Thanks for the help. I have already implemented both Android and UWP Apps, but am struggling to get to grips with Sw…
  • Hi Eric, Thanks for that. Is there a Swift equivalent to the C++ code ?
  • Noted. What is the default maximum Connection interval and why do the MetawearC and MetaMotionC boards perform differently?
  • public void onServiceConnected(ComponentName name, IBinder service) { ///< Typecast the binder to the service's LocalBinder class serviceBinder = (BtleService.LocalBinder) service; BluetoothManager btManager= (BluetoothMa…