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  • First I have to be clear that the plugin will not work in the editor on Windows or macOS. You might already know that, but in case I wanted to be clear. It will only do anything on an actual iOS or Android device. I created a public github projec…
  • Adding nuget packages to a unity project. Normal. Net solutions have all the nuget stuff, but unity ones that option is grey. Not sure if it is the same on Windows. Could not find any other way to add a package either.
  • What you suggest might be available on Windows, but I can't find it anywhere on macOS in Unity or Visual Studio for Mac. If you can give some directions on that I will pursue that method instead of the path I ended up taking. My target is iOS …
  • I was able to figure it all out. Thanks for the help.
  • I was able to figure it all out. Thanks for the help.
  • I got it all working. Thanks, Eric, for the tips.
  • I understand your wanting me to use the sdk. Unfortunately i am using a system that doesn't have c# 7 so when i try to compile your sdk it fails. Would you suggest i rework all of the c# 7 code out of the sdk? Seems like you giving me a little in…
  • Note, the iOS build does seem to work.
  • I reverted to 3.1.5 and it builds and runs.
  • I just cloned the git repo for the macOS Metawear SDK. I open the workspace for the StarterProject. I get the same error about the cbindings not being there. The pods file looks correct, but the Cpp stuff is not there. What is supposed to trig…
  • The problem I have is that bringing in the whole SDK to my project isn't feasible. I am trying to blend a couple things together and keep it simple and the SDK has a ton of files and interfaces and abstraction. If there is any way that you can ju…
  • Thank you. In my situation trying to get the SDK to work in my case would be a challenge. I have figured out quite a bit so far. I found a blog post that shows how to set up the Gyro and it works. I tried to extrapolate that blog post and the …