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  • Thanks a lot Laura.
  • Thanks for your prompt response, Laura. Actually, I could never build the app using the multimw source project and there was something wrong with the gradle file. I tried different gradle builds and different versions of mbient sdks with and also t…
  • ` public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements ServiceConnection { private static final int REQUEST_ENABLE_BT = 1; private BtleService.LocalBinder serviceBinder; // Sensor No.1 parameters. Sensor No.2 parameters ar…
  • I have provided my code below... I am trying to have windows of length 250 over acc/gyro data from 2 boards. The problem is that when streaming, I get data only from one of the devices although the other one is connected and the Led module proves th…
  • I tried to implement fuser exactly as mentioned in the doc for SDK 3.7 I defined a function as follows and I made sure to call it after I have configured and started sensors. But it seems that there is something wrong with the buffer method becaus…
  • Thanks for your response, Laura. Yes, I need raw data for further analysis is an activity recognition system. About the 1st option that you mentioned, I am already doing so. Meaning that I get the packed data of acc and the packed data of gyro. th…