Trying to think of a use for a BLE wearable dev board now I've got one...


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  • @maalouf Have you tried a generic Bluetooth LE app such as the Nordic nRF master control panel: Might be worth it to see if that works and communicates with the board. An…
  • That VB.NET project has only the following colours recognizable from speech: red, green, blue, yellow, white and off. Should be easy enough to convert those to RGB using if or case statements: Dim choices As New System.Speech.Recognition.Choices({…
  • I have no idea how you can get a computer to convert the names of thousands of different colours (are there names for thousands of different colours?) into their RGB equivalents without enumerating them all, so I can't help you any more. Andrew
  • OK, my advice for what it's worth. If you can't complete the task in one go, break it down into smaller pieces that you stand a chance of understanding then put them all together at the end. So I would: * Learn how to develop general Android app…
  • @samsgates I've discovered you can change the device name using the Nordic nRF Master Control Panel app which talks to any BLE device. Get it here for Android: Andrew
  • @steven I use the nRF Master Control Panel app ( on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and it shows the battery percentage fine for the MetaWear board. Is that what your using? Andrew
  • I think I'll leave answering that to someone else with more patience than me, sorry. Andrew
  • Looks like it's now available on at the bottom of the page. $89 plus shipping including a case. Andrew
  • The android API lets you specify the intensity of the red, blue and green channels of the LED from 0 to 31. So in theory you can create 32*32*32 = 32768 different colors (if you count both fully off and white as colours). In practice I've been playi…
  • Ooh, I'd love to give this a go as I've got a shiny new Windows 8.1 tablet. Is your code on Github or somewhere accessible? Andrew
  • And if you're unsure about your soldering skills you can do what I've done and buy one of these JST battery connectors: If you wiggle it you can just about get the pins to go…
  • Hi. That Cordova plugin sounds really useful and might open up Metawear development to a much larger group of people (web app developers). I notice though that you've named your LED control function "neopixel" - I think that might be really confusin…
  • If you got the same kit as me the two sensors are a thermistor (for measuring temperature) and a light-dependent resistor. Andrew
  • People are having some success using a Raspberry Pi and the TI sensortag Bluetooth LE device. Perhaps some of the stuff there would be useful to you: Andrew