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  • Hello @Nick, Is there a reason why you would want to use Unmanaged.passRetained instead of simply calling bridge? Bridge method definitely works, but I have never used Unmanaged Retained so I am not sure what is the direct relationship there. …
  • To follow up on the discussion, I decided to implement the read register callback today starting with the easy ones such as the CONFIG in Ambient Light sensor, since it is the same processing flow as other sensor but it is somehow not implemented in…
  • @Matt Thanks for the reply. I am working with MMS (BMI270) device. Based on reading the source codes, the power register is exposed as uint8_t command[2] = {MBL_MW_MODULE_ACCELEROMETER, READ_REGISTER(ORDINAL(AccelerometerBmi270Register::POWER_MOD…
  • Hello @RaquelProus , If I understand correctly, you would like to get the Modal Number and Hardware Revision value from the DeviceInformation class using Android SDK. Given a board variable as board, the code looks somewhat like this, based on…
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  • @Laura Hello, this may be late to the discussion. What is the future plan for the Bolts-Swift version of the iOS SDK then? Would it no longer communicate with newer firmware in the future or that it simply won't receive any updates? Since most of…
  • @Matt Thank you so much for pointing to the file and lines of how we may modify the SDK for our use case!