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  • Thanks Eric. Yeah the ldeluca (IBM) plugin is the one I referenced above. Unfortunately she doesn't call the metawear api - she uses general purpose BLE gatt transactions to interact directly. I think having a cordova library implemented on top of…
  • Thanks!  Great update. Elevates the android app by a lot [android support had been falling quite far behind iOS support]. Keep up the good work.
  • Good to know. I think the android UI is part of the problem then - since there are rewind (<<) play (>), pause (ll) and "Save" buttons. I was afraid it wouldnt be sleeping with those commands. Thanks a lot for the support - I'll check m…
  • Yu, I haven't tested it. I certainly haven't used it for anything else - I bought it new from amazon for the metawear board. I'm trained from a software engineering perspective - so I know hardware/EE basics (soldering, breadboards, basic circ…
  • Yu, I ordered my board and it did not come with a battery or any of the extra sensors. So I ordered a 3.7V 100mA battery on amazon (link below). The storefront has been upda…
  • I have a feeling the board is just either a) continuing to cycle through some LED pattern even when the light is off or b) not actually going to sleep. Also, I'm using android to communicate with it - if that helps.