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  • Hi Eric - Can we use some math functions (sum, avg, etc.) to lower the number? Basically, we are trying to save/stream 1 sec prior and 1 sec after an event (100Hz freq). If this is not possible with current setup, is there something we can do (custo…
  • Thank you Eric. This is sort of what we were trying also. Is there a limit on the number of process you can have on board [remember seeing something about it on a doc, but can't find it now]?  We tried this with both 100Hz (what we need) and 50 H…
  • Thank you so much Eric. Looking forward to your solution. In our experiments, the number of process required for each individual axis (Accel x, y, z & Gyro x, y, z) to save prior event data was large. I am sure there is a much elegant way to do …
  • Hi Eric - Is there any example, app note, etc. that shows how to stream or log either the sum or average - instead of raw accelerometer and gyro data. Especially if you want to analyze the x, y, z values PRIOR to and AFTER an event (e.g. RMS>Thr…
  • Laura/ Igleasian - I was using Nexus 4 with Android 5.1. Had to wait till the battery was dead to reset the board - not sure if the reset button pushed down + power  works when battery is charged.
  • Was there a solution to this issue? I am running into the same problem. Downloaded the Activity tracker (Android) and now I am not able to connect to the metawear board (R) at all. Tried everything that was suggested in this thread (hard reset, clos…