MetaWear C++ API  0.18.0
C++ implementation of the MetaWear protocol
core Directory Reference


file  anonymous_datasignal.h [code]
 Functions operating on the MblMwAnonymousDataSignal object.
file  anonymous_datasignal_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declaration for the MblMwAnonymousDataSignal type.
file  data.h [code]
 Functions and types for data received from an MblMwDataSignal.
file  datasignal.h [code]
 Functions for controlling a MblMwDataSignal.
file  datasignal_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declaration for the MblMwDataSignal type.
file  debug.h [code]
 Testing and debug functions, for advanced users only.
file  event.h [code]
 Functions for the MblMwEvent type.
file  event_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declaration of the MblMwEvent type.
file  logging.h [code]
 Controls the onboard logging system.
file  logging_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declaration of the MblMwDataLogger type.
file  macro.h [code]
 Firmware feature that saves MetaWear commands to the on-board flash memory.
file  metawearboard.h [code]
 Functions for communicating with an MblMwMetaWearBoard object.
file  metawearboard_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declarations for the MblMwMetaWearBoard type.
file  model.h [code]
file  module.h [code]
file  settings.h [code]
 Configures Bluetooth Low Energy advertisement and connection settings.
file  status.h [code]
 Status codes for the library.
file  timer.h [code]
 On board timer for scheduling MetaWear commands.
file  timer_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declaration of the MblMwTimer type.
file  types.h [code]
 Non basic types encapsulating sensor data.