MetaWear C++ API  0.20.0
C++ implementation of the MetaWear protocol
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6 #pragma once
8 #include "dataprocessor_fwd.h"
13 #ifdef __cplusplus
14 extern "C" {
15 #endif
43 #ifdef __cplusplus
44 }
45 #endif
METAWEAR_API uint8_t mbl_mw_dataprocessor_get_id(const MblMwDataProcessor *processor)
Retrieves the id value identifying the processor.
METAWEAR_API MblMwDataSignal * mbl_mw_dataprocessor_get_state_data_signal(const MblMwDataProcessor *processor)
Get the data signal representing a processor's internal state.
METAWEAR_API void mbl_mw_dataprocessor_remove(MblMwDataProcessor *processor)
Removes a data processor and its consumers from the board.
METAWEAR_API MblMwDataProcessor * mbl_mw_dataprocessor_lookup_id(const MblMwMetaWearBoard *board, uint8_t id)
Looks up the MblMwDataProcessor object corresponding to the id.
Forward declaration for the MblMwDataProcessor type.
struct MblMwDataProcessor MblMwDataProcessor
Data signal from the on board data processor.
Definition: dataprocessor_fwd.h:15
Forward declaration for the MblMwDataSignal type.
struct MblMwDataSignal MblMwDataSignal
A event fired from the MetaWear board that also contains data.
Definition: datasignal_fwd.h:15
Macros for identifying exported functions.
Indicates the function should be exported to the symbol table
Definition: dllmarker.h:27
Forward declarations for the MblMwMetaWearBoard type.
struct MblMwMetaWearBoard MblMwMetaWearBoard
Software representation of a physical MetaWear board.
Definition: metawearboard_fwd.h:17