MetaWear C++ API  0.20.0
C++ implementation of the MetaWear protocol
processor Directory Reference


file  accounter.h [code]
 Adds additional information to the payload to facilitate packet reconstruction.
file  accumulator.h [code]
 Tallies a running sum of the input.
file  average.h [code]
 Computes a running average of the input.
file  buffer.h [code]
 Captures input data which can be retrieved at a later point in time.
file  comparator.h [code]
 Only allows data through that satisfies a comparison operation.
file  counter.h [code]
 Counts the number of times an event was fired.
file  dataprocessor.h [code]
 Interacts with an onboard data processor.
file  dataprocessor_fwd.h [code]
 Forward declaration for the MblMwDataProcessor type.
file  delta.h [code]
 Only allows data through that is a min distance from a reference value.
file  fuser.h [code]
 Combine data from multiple data sources into 1 data packet.
file  math.h [code]
 Performs arithmetic on sensor data.
file  packer.h [code]
 Combines multiple data values into 1 BLE packet.
file  passthrough.h [code]
 Gate that only allows data though based on a user configured internal state.
file  pulse.h [code]
 Detects and quantifies a pulse over the input values.
file  rms.h [code]
 Computes the root mean square of the input.
file  rss.h [code]
 Computes the root sum square of the input.
file  sample.h [code]
 Holds data until a certain amount has been collected.
file  threshold.h [code]
 Allows data through that crosses a boundary.
file  time.h [code]
 Periodically allow data through.