MetaWear C++ API  0.20.0
C++ implementation of the MetaWear protocol
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MblMwSpiParameters Struct Reference

Parameters required for an SPI operation. More...

#include <spi.h>

Public Attributes

MblMwSpiMode mode
 spi mode
MblMwSpiFrequency frequency
 spi frequency
uint8_t * data
 Data to write through the bus, if set with a read, will write the data before performing the read.
uint8_t data_length
 Length of the data array.
uint8_t slave_select_pin
 pin for slave select
uint8_t clock_pin
 pin for spi clock
uint8_t mosi_pin
 pin for master out, slave in data
uint8_t miso_pin
 pin for master in, slave out data
uint8_t lsb_first
 Set to 0 if MSB should be sent first, non-zero to send LSB first.
uint8_t use_nrf_pins
 Set to 0 to use MetaWear GPIO pin mapping, non-zero to use nRF pin mapping.

Detailed Description

Parameters required for an SPI operation.

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