MetaWear C# SDK  1.2.0
C# API for MbientLab's sensor platform
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MbientLab.MetaWear.Data Namespace Reference


class  Acceleration
 Encapsulates acceleration data, values are represented in g's More...
class  AngularVelocity
 Encapsulates angular velocity data, values are in degrees per second More...
class  EulerAngles
 Encapsulates Euler angles, values are in degrees More...
class  FloatVector
 Generic container holding a vector of float values More...
class  MagneticField
 Encapsulates magnetic field strength data, values are in Tesla (g) More...
class  Quaternion
 Encapsulates a quaternion in the form q = w + xi + yj + zk More...


enum  SensorOrientation {
  FaceUpPortraitUpright, FaceUpPortraitUpsideDown, FaceUpLandscapeLeft, FaceUpLandscapeRight,
  FaceDownPortraitUpright, FaceDownPortraitUpsideDown, FaceDownLandscapeLeft, FaceDownLandscapeRight
 Enumeration of sensor orientations More...
enum  Sign { Positive, Negative }
enum  TapType { Single, Double }
 Tap types to detect More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ SensorOrientation

Enumeration of sensor orientations

◆ TapType

Tap types to detect