iBeacon is a protocol developed by Apple. The main purpose of Beacons (which are simply Bluetooth advertisers - not connectable) is for location-data and proximity marketing.

The MetaWear firmware supports the iBeacon format and can advertise itself as an iBeacon.

To enable iBeacon mode, all you need to do is call mbl_mw_ibeacon_enable and disconnect from the board.

The other functions in the ibeacon.h header file configure the advertisement parameters.

let uuid = UUID().uuidString
var array: [UInt8] = Array(uuid.utf8)
let up: UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt8> = UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt8>.init(&array)
mbl_mw_ibeacon_set_major(device.board, 78)
mbl_mw_ibeacon_set_minor(device.board, 7453)
mbl_mw_ibeacon_set_period(device.board, 15027)
mbl_mw_ibeacon_set_rx_power(device.board, -55)
mbl_mw_ibeacon_set_tx_power(device.board, -12)
mbl_mw_ibeacon_set_uuid(device.board, up)